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Forever Young is the only operator in the Florida Keys to specialize in both Freedive and Scuba spearfishing charters.

Spearfishing, when done correctly, is the most sustainable way to harvest fish. We offer spearfishing charters to all experience levels for both free divers and scuba divers. Leave all the logistics to us! We take care of your fishing licenses, dive/spearfishing equipment, and assist you in the water to ensure you hunt the correct size of the fish in season. After your spearfishing charter, we will fillet your catch and package it for your convenience!

Diver safety and the safety of the marine life we visit is our number one priority on all charters. For this reason you will always be accompanied by one of our professional spearfishing guides, included in your charter price.

Our private spearfishing charters offer you the very best spearfishing in the upper Florida Keys! Islamorada is blessed with multiple species to hunt year round, anytime is a good time to spearfish in the Florida Keys!

Scuba Diving Spearfishing Rates

Private boat rate for up to four scuba divers, all inclusive!

Equipment, tanks, weights, in-water guide, and captain included.

Aluminum or steel tanks available, Enriched air is included if certified.

$900 half day (4 hours, 2 tanks)

$1200 3/4 day (6 hours, 3 tanks)

$1500 Full Day (8 hours, 4 tanks)

*Individual rates available upon request

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