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When people refer to the Florida Keys, they are often thinking of Key West. Know for the wild night life, gourmet restaurants, and historic culture. Key West also has some of the best coral reefs to dive and spearfish in the world!

Forever Young offers you the on water experience in Key West that you will not want to miss. Booking a charter with Forever Young, is your gateway to an on water experience you will not find anywhere else!

The Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson is a full day charter we offer for spearfishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. This is our most popular trip and one that guest travel from all parts of the world to experience. Visit the rest of our site to learn more about Forever Young and please call us with any questions!
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Private Charters In Key West, Florida

Spearfishing Charter Key West, FL Forever YoungSpearfishing
Forever Young specializing in both freedive and scuba spearfishing. Private boat, fully guided, and all equipment included.
Scuba Diving Charter Key West, FL Forever YoungScuba Diving
Experience scuba diving in Key West with our knowledgeable instructors, uncovering the diverse marine life in calm waters.
Key West, FL Snorkeling Charter Forever YoungSnorkeling
Navigate through the clear waters of Key West on our guided snorkeling tours, discovering vibrant coral reefs and exotic fish.
Lobster Hunting Charter Key West, FL Forever YoungLobster Hunting
Join us for an exciting lobster hunting excursion in the clear waters of Key West, where you'll learn alongside our expert guides.
Lionfish Hunting Charter Key West, FL Forever YoungLionfish Hunting
Dive into a unique lionfish hunting experience in Key West, where our guides will show you how to safely catch this invasive species.

Spearfishing Charters in Key West, FL

Ready to go Lobster Hunting in Key West?

Thinking about lobster hunting? At Forever Young, we've got the perfect setup for a day out in Key West's clear waters. It's more than just hunting; it's about enjoying the sea, the sunshine, and good vibes with like-minded people. Whether it's your first time or you're a seasoned hunter, our expert guides have everything covered. They'll show you the ropes, from handling the gear to finding the best spots, all while making sure everyone stays safe.

Our trips are designed to be fun and hassle-free. We provide all the gear you need, so you can dive right into the experience. Catching a lobster is an unbeatable thrill—there's something about spotting one, diving in, and catching it that's just awesome. With Forever Young, you're set for a memorable adventure in the Florida Keys. Let's get out there and enjoy the water together.
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What Make Us The Right Choice

Established in 2016, Forever Young was the first operator to specialize in freedive and scuba spearfishing. We are a family owned and operated business that sets the standard for our industry! Our crew? They're not just skilled; they're super into making sure you have a great time, whether it's your first boat trip or you practically live at sea. And our boats are top-notch, kept in great shape to make sure you're cruising comfortably.
Going with Forever Young means you're choosing folks who care about your trip as much as you do. We're here to make every trip memorable, whether you're here to soak up the sun, dive into the reefs, or just enjoy the waves. Let's make your Key West visit unforgettable, with none of the fuss and all of the fun.
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Safety Procedures
At Forever Young, keeping you and our crew safe is what matters most to us. Our boats go beyond what the USCG asks for safety-wise, and our team doesn’t just have all the essential lifesaving certs—they’re also qualified to teach them.   
Quality Equipment
Everything we use at Forever Young, from our boats to our diving gear, comes from the best in the business. We keep all our equipment in top shape, sparkling clean, and refresh it every year. Plus, you can use any of it without having to pay extra.
Experienced Crew
We're at the top of our industry because we love what we do! Our expertise and passion guarantee your time with Forever Young will be both safe and unforgettable.
Professional Service
Right from the start, you're part of the Forever Young family. We're all about making everyone feel welcome, no matter your age or experience level. It's a family-friendly vibe with us, through and through!

Who is Forever Young?

If you're planning a trip to Key West, FL, and looking for something truly unique, Forever Young Charter Company is your go-to. Run by Tony Young and his team of seasoned pros, we specialize in making your time in the Florida Keys unforgettable. From spearfishing and lionfish hunting to snorkeling, lobster hunting, and even sunset cruises, we've got a wide range of activities that cater to every taste. We're all about giving you a slice of the excitement that the waters around Key West have to offer, ensuring your adventure is filled with fun and memorable moments.
What sets us apart is our commitment to creating a personalized experience for each guest. Whether you're here to dive into the vibrant underwater world, chase the sunset on a cruise, or just relax at a sandbar, we're dedicated to making your visit special. Over the years, we've built a community of adventurers from all over the globe who've become part of the Forever Young family. We can't wait to show you the beauty and thrill of the Florida Keys, making sure your adventure with us is one for the books.
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Guests Reflect on Their Fishing & Diving Experiences with Us
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Reviews Forever Young Glenn Latham
5 out of 5
We had a great day of diving with Captain Tony Young. On our first drift dive we snagged a bunch of lion fish, some of them fairly large.  After a nice break and some lunch, we dove a reef wall, where my friend and his son speared more lion fish. I speared a nice red grouper and my son speared a beautiful mutton snapper. Tony and his mate could not have been nicer. They cleaned all the fish and we had several nice dinners the following few days. It was an awesome day for all of us on the charter. Thank you Captain Tony!
~ Glenn Latham
Verified Review
Reviews Forever Young Brad Sanford
5 out of 5
Captain Tony took my wife and I out for two days of adventure. One day was leisure diving and the second was spearfishing. Both days were incredible! He was very attentive to my wife who is new to diving. He was an incredible instructor. His dive gear and boat were impeccable. The dive sites were beautiful. The second day he took me hunting on shipwrecks and reefs. The action was non-stop.

I enjoyed every minute of it and can't wait to go back in the ocean with Captain Tony!
~ Brad Sanford
Verified Review
Reviews Forever Young Tiffany Aguiar
5 out of 5
I’ve spent time diving and spearfishing with different dive shops in the keys and nothing compares to going out with Forever Young Charters. You are guaranteed to have a great time regardless of if you’re looking to dive, spearfish, or just get out on the water. Whether you’re a first timer or a regular, Capt Tony and the crew will make sure you have the best experience because they’re truly passionate about what they do and about the people they serve. You become part of the family when you dive with Forever Young!
~ Tiffany Aguiar
Verified Review
Key West Charter Company Florida Keys Forever Young

Discover the Charm of Key West, FL

For those who prefer to marvel at the ocean's beauty without the hunt, Key West's scuba diving and snorkeling scenes are equally enticing. The area boasts some of the most impressive underwater vistas in Florida, featuring majestic coral formations and an array of colorful tropical fish. Historical shipwrecks scattered around Key West add an element of mystery and exploration for divers. Snorkelers, too, can enjoy the serene waters, easily floating above the lively ecosystems that make Key West a unique destination for experiencing the wonders of the Florida Keys underwater.
Beyond spearfishing, Key West is also a hotspot for snorkelers and scuba divers, drawn to its breathtaking coral formations and the diversity of its marine inhabitants. From exploring historical shipwrecks to swimming alongside schools of tropical fish, the waters of Key West offer a tranquil yet adventurous escape for anyone eager to explore the depths of the Florida Keys.
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Local Conservation Efforts

Blue Star Operator - National Marine Sanctuaries - Florida Keys
Dive Blue Star
Choosing Forever Young Charter Company for your dive or snorkel trip in Key West, FL, means more than just an unforgettable underwater adventure. You're also supporting marine education and conservation in the Florida Keys. As a NOAA-recognized Blue Star Operator, our commitment to responsible and sustainable diving ensures that whether you're exploring Key West's vibrant reefs or lobster hunting in the crystal-clear waters, you're contributing to the protection of our oceans for future generations.
Blue Star Fishing Guide - National Marine Sanctuaries - Florida Keys
Fish Blue Star
Forever Young Charter Company isn't just another charter service; we're the first in Key West to earn both the Blue Star Dive and Blue Star Fishing Guide ratings. What this means for you is that every trip we offer, from snorkeling to spearfishing in the Florida Keys, is designed with responsible and sustainable practices in mind. We're all about enjoying the stunning waters around Key West, FL, while making sure there's plenty of fish and beautiful reefs for future generations to enjoy too.
Local Conservation
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