Islamorada’s Best Reef & Wreck Spearfishing!

The reef and wreck spearfishing in Islamorada is some of the best in the Florida Keys! Our locations are endless, with spearfishing sites from Key Largo to Marathon, offering you an abundance of fish and countless new locations to explore. With changing seasons and fisheries, Islamorada provides a unique spearfishing experience anytime of year!

Shipwrecks and artificial structure creates the perfect habit for fish to live. Large groupers, jacks, snappers, mackerel, and a variety of other species can be found here at certain times of the year. These wrecks are found in a variety of depths, allowing access to all levels of free divers.

The Florida Keys reef track consists of shallow patch reefs and ledges that hold an abundance of marine life. Depths range from 15 feet to over 90 feet, offering quality spearfishing for all ages and experience levels.

Got Lionfish? We do.. Lionfish are invasive in the Florida Keys and we need your help as a diver to eliminate them! Not only are Lionfish invasive, they also make a great dinner. If your interested in protecting our reefs by hunting Lionfish, just mention it when you book. We have all the equipment, permits, and knowledge to safely remove them from our coral reefs.

Reef & Wreck Spearfishing Rates

Private Boat Rate For Up To Six Divers, All Inclusive!

Equipment, in-water guide, captain, liscense and bait included.

$900 Half Day (4 hours)

$1200 3/4 Day (6 hours)

$1500 Full Day (8 hours)

*Individual rates available upon request