Islamorada Spiny Lobster Charters!

Spiny Lobster or Florida Lobster are found in various water depths through the Florida Keys, they are a fun to catch and have excellent table fair. Each year there is a two day mini season, pre season opener, which occurs on the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July. The regular eight month Lobster season runs from August 6th-March 31st.

Florida Lobsters are found hiding under coral heads, rock ledges, holes, or really anything that they can back into and get some shelter. We catch them in depths from three feet to 150+ feet of water, making them a great hunt for any age or experience level.

We catch spiny lobster with a net and tickle stick, lobster snare, or by simply grabbing them. Keep in mind, these lobsters DO NOT have claws. Each guest is allowed to take six lobsters per day and your lobster license is included with your charter. We also include all of your equipment and one of our professional guides will be there to assist in the water.

Lobster Hunting Rates

Private boat rate for up to six divers, all inclusive!

Equipment, air tanks, weights, in-water guide, lobster liscense, and captain included.

Aluminum or steel tanks available.

$1000 Half Day (4 hours, 2 tanks)

$1300 3/4 Day (6 hours, 3 tanks)

$1600 Full Day (8 hours, 4 tanks)

Mini Season $1200 Half Day (4 hours, 2 tanks)

Mini Season $1500 3/4 Day (6 hours, 3 tanks)

Mini Season $1800 Full Day (8 hours, 4 tanks)

Enriched air upgrade 30-32%, $8 per tank

*Cancellation Policy:

50% charge on provided credit card for all cancellation after booking, no exceptions

(The 50% cancellation charge may be credited towards a rebooking for any cancellation within 15 days, or more, notice.)

100% charge on provided card for no shows day of charter

0% charge is made on the provided card for cancellations made by Forever Young, due to any unforeseen circumstances that deem the charter unsafe to run. Ex. Weather, wind, etc.