Invasive Lionfish Charters

Lionfish are an invasive fish, originally from the Indo-Pacific, that have been introduced to the Florida Keys and Caribbean islands. These fish have no natural predators, reproduce quickly, and are decimating our native fish populations. The most productive way to eradicate these invasive fish is by spearfishing!

At Forever Young, we specialize in promoting sustainable spearfishing practices. A big part of that is invasive Lionfish Eradication. Over the years, we have removed thousands of Lionfish and introduced hundreds of divers to safe Lionfish hunting techniques. We also work closely with state and federal agencies, as well as non-profits, to support research efforts and to better understand the Lionfish invasion.

When it comes to hunting Lionfish, Forever Young is the best you will find! We hold the state record for heaviest fish on spear, multiple first place Lionfish derby tournament wins, numerous publications for our eradication and conservation efforts, we have also been featured on BBC Earths Invasive Florida series. We enjoy hunting Lionfish, protecting our reefs, and sharing our passion with others! Any age or experience level is welcome!

When it comes to Lionfish, we know where to find them and how to safely remove them. Best of all, they are a delicious delicacy for you to take with you! Let our experienced Lionfish guides take you on a conservation experience you will never forget, all equipment is included!

Lionfish Hunting Rates

Private boat rate for up to four scuba divers, all inclusive!

Equipment, air tanks, weights, in-water guide, and captain included.

Aluminum or steel tanks available.

$1000 half day (4 hours, 2 tanks)

$1300 3/4 day (6 hours, 3 tanks)

$1600 full day (8 hours, 4 tanks)

Enriched air upgrade 30-32%, $8 per tank

*Cancellation Policy:

50% charge on provided credit card for all cancellation after booking, no exceptions

(The 50% cancellation charge may be credited towards a rebooking for any cancellation within 15 days, or more, notice.)

100% charge on provided card for no shows day of charter

0% charge is made on the provided card for cancellations made by Forever Young, due to any unforeseen circumstances that deem the charter unsafe to run. Ex. Weather, wind, etc.