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Looking for an Islamorada, FL Pelagic Fishing Charter?

If you're looking for top-notch pelagic fishing, Islamorada in Florida is the place to be. The waters here are teeming with a variety of fish, offering both seasoned anglers and beginners a chance to have an exhilarating experience. And when it comes to making the most of this opportunity, we at Forever Young Charter Company are here to help.

Islamorada isn’t just a scenic spot in the Florida Keys; it's recognized as one of the best fishing destinations globally. With its strategic location, it's a hotspot for pelagic fish, making it a top choice for those eager to explore the deep-sea wonders.

What sets Forever Young Charter Company apart? Well, we're not just a business; we're genuinely passionate about fishing. We know the local waters like the back of our hand, and our main goal is to ensure you have a great time out at sea. Whether you're looking to land a big catch or simply enjoy the serene surroundings, we're here to make sure your pelagic fishing trip in Islamorada is one to remember.

Our Pelagic Fishing Charter Rates

Selecting a pelagic fishing charter in Islamorada shouldn’t be complicated. At Forever Young Charter Company, we aim to keep things transparent and straightforward. We offer a range of charter packages tailored to accommodate different budgets and fishing interests. For a complete breakdown of our rates, we invite you to visit our website. Remember, when you choose to embark on a trip with us, it's more than just fishing; it's about crafting unforgettable moments out on the water.

IMPORTANT: The below listed prices are the total cost for your charter.
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Half Day
4 Hours
3/4 Day
6 Hours
Full Day
8 Hours
Fishing (Pelagic/Reef/Wreck/Offshore): Up to six anglers, 4 anglers is preferred. Private boat, captain, fishing license, refreshments, live bait, and tackle included.
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For detailed pricing and custom trip information, please contact us directly at 1-305-680-8879.

Why Choose Us for Your Islamorada Pelagic Fishing Charter?

Selecting Forever Young Charter Company for your pelagic fishing expedition in Islamorada, FL, is not just choosing a boat and crew. It's opting for a legacy built on passion, expertise, and local knowledge. Tony Young, our founder, didn’t start this venture in 2016 just to create another charter service. He aimed to craft a unique fishing experience, blending the thrill of pelagic angling with the serene beauty of the Florida Keys.

Our seasoned crew brings decades of combined experience to the table. They are not only adept at navigating the vibrant waters of Islamorada but also have an intrinsic understanding of local marine life. This ensures that whether you're chasing the elusive sailfish or the mighty mahi-mahi, you're in hands that know precisely where and when to find them.

Pelagic Fishing Charters Florida Keys Islamorada

Furthermore, we prioritize safety and comfort as much as the thrill of the chase. Our boats are equipped with modern amenities and safety gear, ensuring that you can focus solely on the fishing experience.

But beyond the technicalities and equipment, it's our dedication to personalized experiences that truly sets us apart. We pride ourselves on listening to our guests, tailoring each charter to individual preferences, and ensuring that every moment you spend with us translates into stories worth sharing.

So, when you think of pelagic fishing in Islamorada, FL, think of Forever Young Charter Company – where every fishing trip becomes a tale of adventure, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories.

Experience and Hospitality: More Than Just a Crew

A successful fishing journey isn't just about casting lines and reeling in; it's also about the people guiding you. At Forever Young Charter Company, our crew brings more to the deck than just expertise. They embody a spirit of warmth and dedication, ensuring your time with us feels like an adventure shared among friends. Combining their rich maritime experience with genuine care, they go the extra mile to make your experience exceptional.

Our Gear: Top-of-the-Line Equipment for Prime Catches

The right tools can turn a good fishing experience into a great one. Recognizing this, Forever Young Charter Company emphasizes maintaining and updating our gear. When you fish with us, rest assured you’re using top-notch equipment, perfectly suited for the challenge of landing those sought-after pelagic species.

Local Insights: Navigating Islamorada's Rich Aquatic Landscape

In the vast marine expanse of Islamorada, FL, local knowledge becomes the key to a successful catch. Our team's deep familiarity with Islamorada's waters is not just about experience; it's about an ongoing relationship with the sea. We don't just know where the fish might be; we understand their habits, the season's patterns, and the secret spots less traveled. With us, you're not just fishing; you're benefiting from a legacy of local expertise.

Pelagic Fishing Adventures in the Florida Keys with Forever Young Charter Company

If you're looking to experience some of the best pelagic fishing in Islamorada, Forever Young Charter Company has got you covered. We offer a variety of fishing charters tailored to meet the needs of both seasoned anglers and beginners.

No matter if you're an avid fisherman looking for a challenge, a family wanting a day out on the water, or a group of friends hoping to try something new, we've got a charter option for you. And if you're after something a bit more personal, we also offer private charters.

Private Charters: Your Personalized Fishing Trip

Want a fishing trip designed around your specific needs and interests? Our private charters are just the thing. Whether it's a special occasion or just a day out with friends and family, we at Forever Young Charter Company are ready to make your pelagic fishing experience in Islamorada memorable. We'll work with you to plan the trip, ensuring you get exactly what you're looking for.

Pelagic Fishing in Islamorada: Hear from Our Guests

At Forever Young Charter Company, we've had the pleasure of hosting numerous individuals and groups for pelagic fishing trips in Islamorada, FL. The feedback and stories they share post-trip always bring smiles to our faces. For firsthand accounts of the excitement, fun, and memories made during their time with us, take a look at our testimonials page. It's always a joy for us to know we've provided a memorable experience for our guests.

Hands down coolest guys to dive and spearfish with. They make sure you are safe and comfortable and they do the best to put you in front of the fish of a lifetime.
~ TJ Zinkand
Hands down coolest guys to dive and spearfish with. They make sure you are safe and comfortable and they do the best to put you in front of the fish of a lifetime.
~ TJ Zinkand
Captain Tony is the man! We had an awesome time fishing Yellowtail. We had a huge range of experience levels (first timers all the way up to professional fishermen) and Tony took the time to make sure we all had a great experience. It was awesome to learn the little tricks and tips, and of course catch a bunch of fish! Can’t wait to come back again - we’d definitely recommend Tony and Forever Young!
~ Mario Feola

Pelagic Fishing in Islamorada: What You Need to Know

If you're considering a pelagic fishing adventure in Islamorada, you might have some questions. That's totally understandable! Here's a quick rundown of some frequently asked questions about pelagic fishing, from the basics like what gear you'll need, to what you might expect to catch. We aim to provide clear and straightforward information, so you can set out on your fishing trip with confidence. And remember, if there's something more specific on your mind, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to assist!

What Is Pelagic Fishing?

Pelagic fishing focuses on targeting fish that live in the open ocean, away from the bottom of the sea or the shoreline. This type of fishing usually involves seeking fish that swim close to the surface or at mid-depths, like tunas, mahi-mahi, and sailfish.

How Long Do Pelagic Fishing Charters Last?

Just like offshore charters, pelagic fishing trips can range in duration. Shorter trips might last 4-5 hours, whereas extended outings could span 8-10 hours, or even longer.

What Species Can I Expect to Encounter on a Pelagic Fishing Trip?

In the waters around Islamorada, you have the chance to hook into species such as Mahi-Mahi (Dolphinfish), Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish, and more. The exact species might vary based on the time of year and local conditions.

What Should I Pack for a Pelagic Fishing Adventure?

Apart from personal essentials, ensure you have sun protection (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses), weather-appropriate clothing, and shoes with a good grip. We'll take care of the fishing equipment and safety gear for you.

Can I Take Home the Pelagic Fish I Land?

Absolutely! If the fish you catch meet the local guidelines in terms of size and season, you're welcome to keep them. Our crew will gladly assist you in preparing and packaging your catch for the journey home.

What If the Weather Isn't Favorable for Pelagic Fishing?

Your safety is our primary concern. If weather conditions aren't suitable for pelagic fishing, we'll work with you to reschedule for another day.

What Can I Do to Prevent Seasickness on a Pelagic Fishing Trip?

If you tend to get seasick, consider taking preventative motion sickness medication ahead of your outing. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding heavy or greasy foods before heading out can also help.

Is It Suitable for Children to Join Pelagic Fishing Adventures?

Certainly, kids are more than welcome on our pelagic fishing trips. We believe in creating memorable experiences for families. However, given the nature of the open ocean and the duration of trips, it's a good idea to gauge if it's suitable for your young ones.

What Gear Do You Supply for Pelagic Fishing Expeditions?

We've got you covered when it comes to equipment. We provide everything you'll need: from rods and reels to bait and tackle. Additionally, we ensure that safety gear, including life jackets, is available for all on board.

Will I Need My Own Fishing License for a Pelagic Fishing Trip?

No need to worry about that. Our commercial license covers all our guests, so you can focus on enjoying the fishing experience.

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What's Included in Our Pelagic Fishing Charter Trips?

Booking a pelagic fishing charter with Forever Young isn't just about getting out on the water; it's about a seamless, all-encompassing experience. We've taken care of every detail to make your trip worry-free and fulfilling. From quality equipment to onboard refreshments, all you need to do is enjoy the thrill of the chase and the beauty of the Florida Keys.

Pelagic Fishing Charter Islamorada FL Keys

Our pelagic fishing charters aren't just about casting a line and waiting. We aim to provide a comprehensive experience where you can savor the full spectrum of what the Florida Keys have to offer: the vastness of the ocean, the exhilaration of hooking a fast-moving fish, and the mesmerizing underwater world.

Quality Gear and Safety Equipment

Having the right equipment is crucial for a good fishing day. We provide reliable fishing gear that's easy to use, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned angler. Safety is our top concern. We equip our boat with essential safety gear and make sure everyone knows how to use it.

Snacks and Drinks Onboard

Fishing can make you hungry and thirsty. That's why we have a range of snacks and drinks on our boat. It's simple: when you need a break, grab a drink or a bite, and then get back to fishing.

All in all, our goal is to provide a straightforward, enjoyable pelagic fishing experience in the beautiful setting of the Florida Keys.

Considering a Pelagic Fishing Charter in Islamorada, FL?

It's a great choice! Pelagic fishing in Islamorada offers more than just a day out on the water. It's a chance to experience some of Florida's best fishing spots. At Forever Young Charter Company, we cater to everyone. Whether you're an experienced fisherman chasing after a big catch or someone new to fishing, we've got a charter to fit your needs. Everyone is welcome, and we aim to make sure you have a good time.

Islamorada Pelagic Fishing Charter

What we offer isn't just a boat ride with a fishing rod in hand. It's an invitation to see the richness of the ocean up close. From the quick-moving mahi-mahi to the elusive tuna, the waters around Islamorada, Florida, are brimming with challenges perfect for every angler. At Forever Young, our aim is simple: to give you an authentic pelagic fishing experience.

Our pelagic fishing trips are more than just a few hours at sea. They're a glimpse into a vibrant underwater world. We've chosen Islamorada, FL, as our base for a reason, and we're eager for you to see why. If pelagic fishing is on your mind, reach out to us. We're committed to making your trip memorable and worthwhile.

Why Choose Islamorada, FL for a Pelagic Fishing Charter?

If you're considering a location for pelagic fishing, you might wonder, "Why pick Islamorada, FL?" Here's the straightforward answer. Islamorada's tag as the "Sport Fishing Capital of the World" isn't some flashy marketing gimmick. It's a title the place has rightfully earned due to its prime location and vibrant marine life.

Islamorada sits right in the heart of the Florida Keys, acting as a gateway between the vast Atlantic Ocean and the rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This intersection results in a marine playground abundant with diverse fish species. Whether you're aiming for the swift Mahi Mahi, the acrobatic Sailfish, or targeting the Wahoo, Islamorada offers a multitude of options. Simply put, the fish are plentiful, ensuring every outing has its fair share of action.

The Ideal Mix of Thrill and Tranquility

But fishing in Islamorada isn't just about the chase; it's also about the serene environment. The Florida Keys are renowned for their pristine waters and calm atmospheres, making them an ideal backdrop for any fishing trip. Here, you can strike a balance between heart-pounding action and moments of calm reflection, all while being surrounded by nature's beauty.

Every Angler's Dream Destination

What makes Islamorada a top destination for anglers isn't just the fish—though they certainly are a highlight. It's the entire fishing journey: the excitement of the chase, the satisfaction of a good cast, and the unmatched feeling of landing a fish. Whether you've been fishing for years or are just starting out, Islamorada promises an experience that fits every level of expertise.

Hiring a Charter Company in Islamorada for a Pelagic Fishing Trip

Considering a pelagic fishing trip in Islamorada, FL? One of the best decisions you can make is to partner with a trusted charter company. Think of it as tapping into the expertise of a local who knows every nook and cranny of the area's waters. With a pelagic fishing trip, it's more than just getting on a boat and hoping for the best. It's about leveraging knowledge, having a reliable crew, and using their expertise to enhance your experience. This is precisely what Forever Young Charter Company brings to the table.

Expert Guidance

Going out into the vast blue without guidance can be hit or miss. With our experienced captains who have a deep understanding of the local waters, we guide you to the prime spots, increasing your chances of a successful outing. They know where the fish are and the best techniques to catch them.

Full Service

Fishing isn't just about the catch; it's the entire experience. Our crew is trained to attend to all your needs, ensuring a comfortable and rewarding day at sea. From baiting your hook to helping you with the catch, we're with you every step of the way.

Customized Fishing Trips

Every fisher has their preference, and we get that. Whether you're out to chase a particular species or want a more laid-back fishing experience, we adjust accordingly. With Forever Young Charter Company, you get a fishing trip that fits just right.

Pelagic Fishing Adventures in Islamorada, FL

When it comes to pelagic fishing in Islamorada, FL, knowing where to cast your line is half the battle. Having spent numerous years in these waters, we at Forever Young Charter Company have a pretty good idea about the best spots. This local knowledge, combined with our passion for fishing, means we're well-equipped to lead you straight to the heart of the action, increasing the odds of you landing that dream catch.

Pelagic Fishing Charters Islamorada Florida Keys

Do you have a specific fish in mind? Whether it's the fast-moving Tuna or the acrobatic Mahi-Mahi, we're familiar with their favorite haunts. Our understanding of the Florida Keys and the fish that call it home is robust, ensuring we can direct you to where they're most likely to be biting. All you need to do is show up ready for an adventure, and we'll handle the rest.

Tuna Hotspots: Test Your Strength and Skill

If you're someone who relishes a challenge, then our Tuna fishing spots are just what you're looking for. These areas, situated in the deeper parts of Islamorada's waters, are frequented by the mighty Tuna. Recognized for their strength, catching one is a testament to any angler's skill.

Mahi-Mahi Locations: An Exciting Catch Awaits

For a mix of fun and excitement, our Mahi-Mahi spots are ideal. Not only are these fishes known for their vibrant colors, but they're also renowned for their acrobatics once hooked. Perfect for both seasoned pros and beginners, a day targeting Mahi-Mahi is always filled with anticipation and action. It's always a treat watching these beautiful fish leap and dance on the water's surface.

Pelagic Fishing in Islamorada: Safe, Comfortable, and Memorable

Pelagic fishing in Islamorada is an exhilarating experience, but ensuring your safety and comfort is our top priority at Forever Young Charter Company. We believe that a great fishing experience should be free of worries, and that's precisely what we aim to provide.

We're not just about offering a charter; we're about providing peace of mind. To this end, every piece of safety equipment on our boats is meticulously checked and maintained. This ensures that everything, from the life jackets to the emergency communication devices, is in perfect working condition. And for those unfamiliar with the equipment, our trained crew is always on hand to guide you.

Safety First: High-Quality Gear for Every Trip

Your safety is non-negotiable. To ensure you're always safe while on board, we've equipped our charters with top-tier safety equipment. This means reliable life jackets, well-stocked first aid kits, and efficient emergency communication devices. Regular checks and maintenance are a given, ensuring these essentials are always ready if needed.

Advanced Fishing Equipment for a Superior Experience

At Forever Young Charter Company, we want you to experience the best of pelagic fishing. That's why we've stocked our boats with the latest and most efficient fishing gear. From modern rods and reels to advanced fish-finding technology, we ensure that every fishing trip you embark on with us is nothing short of spectacular. All you need to do is cast your line and relish the thrill; we've got the rest sorted.

Step Aboard for an Epic Pelagic Fishing Adventure in Islamorada!

Ready to experience some top-tier pelagic fishing? Then it's time to hop on board with Forever Young Charter Company. Based in the vibrant heart of Islamorada in the Florida Keys, our focus is straightforward: giving you an unforgettable pelagic fishing adventure. No frills, no over-the-top promises – just genuine, heart-pounding fishing action.

Got your interest? Perfect. Give us a call at 1-305-680-8879, or check out our website to book your slot. Dive into the unmatched thrill of pelagic fishing in Islamorada and make those fishing tales you've always heard about a reality with Forever Young.

How to Book Your Pelagic Fishing Trip

Booking your trip with us is a breeze. Either pick up the phone or head to our website, and you'll be on your way to a fishing experience you'll talk about for years. We're committed to making your pelagic fishing trip in Islamorada smooth and unforgettable. Don't let this opportunity sail by – get on board with us and let's chase those fish together!

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Forever young charter co. Is quite honestly the smoothest spearfishing charter I have ever been on. Tony is an exceptional guide, captain, & friend to all who wonder aboard his vessels. I highly recommend this company.
Native Florida
This was the best charter my wife and I have ever taken. Luke and Dave were terrific. I highly recommend Forever Young. Whether you are a beginner or experienced they will make you feel welcomed and create an experience that you won’t forget. I dove two days before our charter and developed fluid in my middle ear. I called them and talked to Luke and they were fully prepared to turn our spearfishing trip into a fishing trip should I not be able to equalize on the first dive. They had the poles, chum, gear and bait ready. Fortunately I had no problem with my ear and we got all our dives in. The water was murky from a heat related algae bloom but I still managed to get a nice hogfish and a couple lion fish and my wife was thrilled to get three lion fish in her first spearfishing attempt. The guys were great, flexible, professional and friendly. It was an excellent day and a memory that we will always have. We will be back.
Ted Hendy
Can't say enough great things about Tony (owner) and Forever Young Charter. We did a half day, free dive spearfishing trip and Tony took us to some great spots, provided great instruction and is one heck of an easy guy to get along with. Along with the spearfishing instruction, he had a lot of facts about the Keys and surrounding areas as well as the wildlife. I highly recommend booking with Forever Young and they'll be my only choice when visiting the Keys.
Ben Turner

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