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Welcome to Islamorada, Florida, where the sea isn't just a beautiful expanse but also a stage for unforgettable adventures. At Forever Young Charter Company, we turn these adventures into reality. We're not just providing you a service; we're inviting you to become part of a unique experience. Picture the gentle hum of our charter boat engine, the dazzling blue sky of Florida, and the undeniable thrill that courses through you as you reel in your first catch.

Nestled in the heart of the Florida Keys, Islamorada has rightfully earned its reputation as the "Sport Fishing Capital of the World." And it's here, amidst the charm of this fishing hotspot, that we at Forever Young Charter Company have laid our roots. We're not just another charter company. We're anglers, explorers, and nature-lovers, just like you. We understand the joy of the catch, the lure of the open waters, and the camaraderie that only a fishing trip can foster.

So, whether you're a seasoned fisherman looking for your next big catch or an eager novice ready to delve into the sport, we're here to make your offshore fishing charter dreams come true. And we do it right here, in the heart of fishing paradise – Islamorada, Florida.

Our Offshore Fishing Charter Rates

When it comes to our offshore fishing charters, we keep things pretty straightforward. You'll find that we have different charter packages available to fit various budgets and preferences. Check out the detailed rates on our website. Just keep in mind, every trip you book with us isn't just a fishing expedition, it's an opportunity to create lasting memories.

IMPORTANT: The below listed prices are the total cost for your charter.
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Half Day
4 Hours
3/4 Day
6 Hours
Full Day
8 Hours
Fishing (Reef/Wreck/Offshore): Up to six anglers, 4 anglers is preferred. Private boat, captain, fishing license, refreshments, live bait, and tackle included.
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For detailed pricing and custom trip information, please contact us directly at 1-305-680-8879.

Why Choose Us for Your Next Offshore Fishing Charter in Islamorada, FL

Why should Forever Young Charter Company be your first choice when planning an offshore fishing charter in Islamorada, FL? For starters, our reputation speaks volumes. Founded in 2016 by Tony Young, our company has swiftly grown into one of the most sought-after offshore fishing charter services in the Florida Keys. We've earned this reputation through our dedication to you, our guests, ensuring that each trip you take with us is more than just a fishing expedition—it's a memorable adventure.

Islamorada Offshore Fishing Charters Forever Young

Our success can be attributed to three key elements: our experienced and friendly crew, top-notch equipment, and in-depth knowledge of Islamorada's waters. We don't just know how to fish; we understand the subtle nuances of these waters, using this knowledge to your advantage. Our crew is not only experienced but also hospitable, making sure you feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you step aboard to the moment you disembark with your catch. And speaking of catches, our top-tier equipment ensures that you have the best chances of reeling in that prized fish.

Experience and Hospitality: Our Crew's Commitment

A fishing trip can be made or broken by the crew you have on board. At Forever Young Charter Company, we're proud of our crew's blend of experience, skills, and hospitality. They are not only seasoned seafarers but also friendly hosts, ready to assist you at every step and make your trip unforgettable.

Our Equipment: The Best Tools for the Best Catch

We understand the importance of having reliable and top-tier equipment on an offshore fishing trip. That's why we at Forever Young Charter Company make sure that our gear is in excellent condition and up to date. We provide you with the best tools to reel in your dream catch!

Knowledge of Islamorada's Waters: An Unfair Advantage

Islamorada, FL is teeming with marine life, and knowing the right spots can make all the difference. Our intimate knowledge of the local waters gives you an unfair advantage. We know where the fish are biting, and we're ready to take you there!

Offshore Fishing Charters in the Florida Keys

When it comes to offshore fishing charters in the Florida Keys, we at Forever Young Charter Company strive to offer experiences that cater to a wide array of tastes and skill levels. We believe that each guest is unique and so should be their fishing adventure. That's why we've developed a range of charter options, each one designed to offer a distinct fishing experience that'll live long in your memory.

Whether you're an angling enthusiast eager for a spearfishing trip, a family seeking a unique snorkeling adventure, or a group of friends looking for an unforgettable sunset cruise in the vibrant waters of the Florida Keys, we've got you covered. We don't stop there. For those who fancy a more bespoke experience, our private charters offer the exclusivity and personalized service that will make your offshore fishing trip even more special.

Private Charters: A Tailored Offshore Experience

For those who value exclusivity and personalized service, our private charters are the perfect option. Whether it's a family outing, a corporate event, or a day out with friends, our team at Forever Young Charter Company will go the extra mile to ensure your offshore fishing trip is exactly as you envision it.

What Our Guests Say About Their Offshore Fishing Experience

We've been fortunate to take countless fishing enthusiasts from all over the world on offshore fishing adventures around Islamorada, FL. Their kind words and shared love for the thrill of the catch really mean a lot to us. To hear directly from them about their unique experiences and memorable moments on our charters, feel free to check out our testimonials page.

Forever young charter co. Is quite honestly the smoothest spearfishing charter I have ever been on. Tony is an exceptional guide, captain, & friend to all who wonder aboard his vessels. I highly recommend this company.
~ Native Florida
All I can say is wow! Captain Tony worked with me to surprise my husband for Christmas & talked me through everything. He was super informational and truly made this experience special. We went out with Captain Dave & Luke and they were an absolute riot! Very informational & helpful as well. We did a 3/4 day of rod & reel when we were originally supposed to do spearfishing but the weather/water was murky so they put our safety as the number 1 priority. We’re from MI, but we will be recommending these guys to everyone!! Can’t wait to come back!!!
~ Ivy Baluha
Awesome experience diving and spearfishing! Tony answered the phone and was very accommodating answering all of our questions and working with some changes we made between booking and the charter. For our charter, David was at the helm and Luke was our in water guide. This team clearly knows the water we dove and are passionate about Spearfishing! We are a group of novices and both David and Luke were happy to answer questions, give advise and talk with us the entire ride out. After our dives, we talked about what we saw and what we did, both good and bad. David and Luke offered guidance, praise and constructive criticism about our dives. We were put on fish, had a decent catch, and missed some awesome opportunities because of our inexperience. My only regret was booking a half day. Can’t wait to come back and do full days with these guys!
~ Justin Sallas

Answers to Your Questions About Offshore Fishing

I bet you've got a few questions about offshore fishing, especially if you're new to it. That's completely normal and we're here to help! Check out our FAQ section where we cover everything you might be curious about, from what to pack for the trip, right down to the types of fish you can reel in. We're all about making sure you feel prepared and comfortable, so if you need more details, feel free to get in touch.

What Is Offshore Fishing?

Offshore fishing, also known as deep sea fishing, involves fishing in deep waters away from the shoreline. It typically takes place at least 9 miles from the coast, and the water depth is usually at least 30 meters (100 feet).

How Long Do Offshore Fishing Charters Last?

The duration of offshore fishing charters can vary. Some might be half-day trips, lasting around 4-5 hours, while others can be full-day trips, lasting 8-10 hours or more.

What Kind of Fish Can I Catch During an Offshore Fishing Charter?

The type of fish you can catch depends on the location and season. In Islamorada, Florida, you might catch Marlin, Yellowtail Snapper, Barracuda, and many other species.

What Should I Bring on an Offshore Fishing Charter?

We recommend bringing sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, comfortable clothing, non-slip shoes, and any personal items you might need. We provide all fishing gear and safety equipment.

Can I Keep the Fish I Catch?

Yes, in most cases you can keep the fish you catch, as long as they meet local regulations regarding size and season. We'll help you clean and pack your catch to take home.

What Happens If the Weather Is Bad?

Safety is our top priority. If bad weather makes fishing unsafe, we will reschedule your trip for a future date.

What If I Get Seasick?

If you're prone to seasickness, we recommend taking over-the-counter motion sickness medication before your trip. It's also a good idea to stay hydrated and avoid heavy meals before setting sail.

Can Kids Participate in Offshore Fishing Charters?

Yes, kids are welcome on our offshore fishing charters. Fishing is a great family activity, but it's important to consider the duration of the trip and sea conditions for young children.

What Equipment Do You Provide for Offshore Fishing Charters?

We provide all necessary fishing equipment, including rods, reels, bait, and tackle. We also provide safety equipment like life vests.

Do I Need a Fishing License for an Offshore Fishing Charter?

No, you don't need a fishing license for our charters. Our commercial license covers all of our passengers.

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What's Included in Our Offshore Fishing Charter Trips?

When you book an offshore fishing charter with us at Forever Young, you're signing up for a well-planned, all-inclusive experience. We've got all your needs covered - right from top-notch equipment to safety gear. You won't have to worry about the small details, so you can focus on the fishing and the fun.

Islamorada Offshore Fishing Charter Florida Forever Young

But the journey with us is more than just a typical fishing trip. Our charters are fully catered experiences, with refreshments provided to keep you energized while you enjoy the fishing. Our mission is to give you an immersive adventure that truly brings out the essence of the Florida Keys – the serenity of the open water, the thrill of the catch, and the sheer beauty of our marine environment.

Equipment and Safety Gear

We believe that the quality of the fishing gear can make a big difference in your offshore fishing experience. That's why we provide state-of-the-art equipment for all our charter guests. Moreover, safety is a top priority for us. We ensure that all necessary safety gear is available and that everyone on board is well-versed in its use.

Refreshments Onboard

Fishing can be hard work, and we want you to stay refreshed throughout your adventure. That's why our charters also include refreshments. Enjoy a variety of beverages and snacks, keeping your energy levels up while you reel in your catch. It's all part of making your offshore fishing experience as enjoyable as possible.

Thinking of Booking an Offshore Fishing Charter for Your Next Trip to Islamorada, FL?

I can imagine why you're considering it. After all, an offshore fishing charter in Islamorada isn't just a fishing trip. It's a deep dive into the heart of Florida's most beautiful marine landscapes. Our charters at Forever Young are designed for everyone, whether you're a seasoned angler looking for a challenge, or you're someone who's never held a fishing rod before. The sea doesn’t differentiate, and neither do we.

Islamorada Offshore Fishing Charter Florida Keys Forever Young

We don't just offer you a boat and a fishing rod. Instead, we provide an opportunity to explore the ocean's wonders, rich with a variety of marine life. From the majestic sailfish to the swift Barracuda, the waters around Islamorada, Florida, are teeming with life and challenges that would excite any angler. Our goal at Forever Young is to give you a chance to experience this thrill firsthand.

Our charter trips are so much more than a simple day out on the water. They are a passage into an aquatic world waiting to be discovered. There's a reason we call Islamorada, FL, home, and we invite you to find out why. So, if you're thinking about booking an offshore fishing charter, we're here to make sure your trip is nothing short of memorable.

Why Choose Islamorada, FL for an Offshore Fishing Charter?

You may ask, "Why Islamorada, FL?" Well, let me explain. Islamorada isn't dubbed the "Sport Fishing Capital of the World" for nothing. It's not just a title; it's an earned reputation, a result of its unique geographical location and a marine ecosystem that's teeming with life.

Located within the Florida Keys, Islamorada is at the crossroads of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This unique confluence creates a diverse aquatic environment that plays host to an array of fish species. From hunting the hard-fighting Barracuda to chasing the elusive Marlin, or casting your line for the much sought-after Yellowtail Snapper, Islamorada has it all. There's always something biting here, and that makes every trip an exciting fishing adventure.

A Perfect Blend of Adventure and Relaxation

What sets Islamorada apart is not just the action-packed fishing, but also the relaxation that comes with it. The beauty of the Florida Keys, the crystal clear waters, and the tranquility of the ocean offer a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It's a place where you can unwind, let go of your worries, and simply enjoy being one with nature.

An Angler's Paradise

Islamorada's reputation as an angler's paradise isn't just about the variety and quantity of fish. It's about the experience. The thrill of the fight, the anticipation as you cast your line, and the joy of reeling in a catch - it's an adrenaline rush like no other. Whether you're a seasoned fisherman or a first-timer, Islamorada provides a fishing experience that caters to all skill levels.

Hiring a Charter Company in Islamorada for an Offshore Fishing Trip

Why do you need a charter company for your fishing trip in Islamorada, FL? Well, to put it simply, it's like having a trusted friend who knows the area like their own backyard. When you embark on an offshore fishing trip, you're not just hopping onto a boat and casting your line into the water. It's about knowing the waters, understanding the fish, and having the right team by your side. This is where a reputed charter company like Forever Young Charter Company steps in.

Our job is to make your fishing trip as productive, safe, and enjoyable as possible. We don't just provide a sturdy boat - we offer a comprehensive fishing experience. With a seasoned captain at the helm who knows the local waters intimately, we can guide you to the best fishing spots. We have a professional crew that looks after your needs, ensuring that your trip is as enjoyable as it is rewarding.

Local Knowledge, Global Experience

An offshore fishing trip in Islamorada, FL, becomes an adventure to remember when your charter company combines local knowledge with global experience. At Forever Young Charter Company, our seasoned crew and local captains have honed their skills in various fishing grounds across the globe. But their true love is the waters of the Florida Keys, and it's this passion and intimate local knowledge that guarantees an unparalleled fishing experience.

Top-Notch Safety Standards

Safety is crucial when venturing out into open waters. A charter company's responsibility is to ensure that all safety protocols are followed diligently. At Forever Young Charter Company, we prioritize safety above all. Our crew is trained in safety procedures and emergency response, and our equipment is regularly checked and updated to meet all safety standards.

Tailored Fishing Experiences

Every angler is different, and so should be every fishing trip. A dedicated charter company recognizes this and tailors the fishing experience to suit the needs of its clients. Whether you're a seasoned angler in search of a specific game fish or a family looking to have a fun and relaxing day out, we at Forever Young Charter Company tailor our services to ensure you have the fishing experience of a lifetime.

Finding the Best Offshore Fishing Spots in Islamorada, FL

You know, a big part of what makes a successful offshore fishing trip in Islamorada, FL is knowing the right spots. And with years of experience navigating the local waters, I can tell you we've got that covered. At Forever Young Charter Company, we take pride in our deep understanding of the area, which lets us guide our guests to some of the best fishing locations around. That's how we ensure that every trip with us increases your chances of reeling in a great catch.

Offshore Fishing Charter Florida Keys Islamorada

What's your favorite fish to catch? Whether you're looking to pit your skills against the formidable Marlin or want to enjoy the thrill of catching a Snapper, we've got you covered. Our knowledge of the Florida Keys and its diverse marine life is second to none, and we know just the place to find the fish you're after. All you have to do is bring your passion for fishing, and we'll take care of the rest.

Marlin Territory: For the Challenge-Seeking Angler

For those who live for the thrill of a good challenge, we have just the spot. Out here in the deep waters off Islamorada, the majestic Marlins make their playground. Known for their power and speed, these fishes are sure to provide an unforgettable offshore fishing experience.

The Snapper Spots: A Bounty of Fun for Everyone

If you're more inclined to a fun and plentiful fishing experience, our Snapper locations are a perfect choice. These spots are rich with Snapper species, making them an excellent option for a family trip or those looking for a more laid-back fishing experience. Trust me, there's nothing quite like the sight of a boat filled with a day's worth of Snapper catch!

Ensuring Your Safety and Comfort During Offshore Fishing

When it comes to offshore fishing in Islamorada, safety and comfort are key. I can assure you, at Forever Young Charter Company, these are more than just words. They form the cornerstone of our operations. We understand that an enjoyable fishing trip is one where you don't have to worry about your well-being. That's why we provide all the necessary safety gear to make your trip not just memorable, but also secure and stress-free.

But we don't stop at just providing the safety gear. We ensure it's of the highest quality and that it meets all the safety standards. We also equip our charters with state-of-the-art fishing equipment to make your angling experience as seamless as possible. And guess what? Our crew isn't just experienced in navigating the rich waters of Islamorada, they're fully trained in safety procedures and emergency protocols. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in the joy of fishing, knowing you're in capable hands.

Premium Safety Gear: Our Commitment to Your Well-being

We make no compromise when it comes to your safety. All our offshore fishing charters are equipped with high-quality safety gear. This includes life jackets, first aid kits, and emergency communication devices. We ensure these are not just present, but in top condition, ready for use when needed.

State-of-the-Art Fishing Equipment: For an Unforgettable Experience

Fishing isn't just about catching fish, it's also about the experience. We equip our boats with top-notch fishing gear, taking your offshore fishing trip from ordinary to extraordinary. From high-end rods and reels to the latest fish-finding technology, we've got you covered. This way, you can focus on the thrill of the catch while we take care of the rest.

Get Ready to Embark on an Unforgettable Islamorada Offshore Fishing Adventure

It's time to make a move. Join us on Forever Young, where the ocean's allure is irresistible, and the promise of a rich catch keeps the excitement high. Here, fishing is not just a pastime, it's an adventure that hooks your spirit. Our top-rated charter company, nestled in the heart of Islamorada, the Florida Keys, is all about ensuring that you don't just fish, but also create memories that last a lifetime.

Let's not wait any longer. Reach out to us at 1-305-680-8879 to reserve your spot for an incredible offshore fishing trip. Make your dream of conquering the open waters of Islamorada a reality with Forever Young.

Reserving Your Offshore Fishing Adventure

Booking with us is simple. A phone call or a few clicks on our website, and you're all set to embark on a fishing journey that you'll cherish for a lifetime. We're here to make your offshore fishing adventure in Islamorada as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Don't wait for the tide to turn, seize the day, and let the sea set you free. Can't wait to see you aboard!

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Can't say enough great things about Tony (owner) and Forever Young Charter. We did a half day, free dive spearfishing trip and Tony took us to some great spots, provided great instruction and is one heck of an easy guy to get along with. Along with the spearfishing instruction, he had a lot of facts about the Keys and surrounding areas as well as the wildlife. I highly recommend booking with Forever Young and they'll be my only choice when visiting the Keys.
Ben Turner
We had a fantastic experience lobstering with Captain Tony. He had great communication and was super professional. We will not hesitate to book another trip with him.
Jeremiah Youngblood
All I can say is wow! Captain Tony worked with me to surprise my husband for Christmas & talked me through everything. He was super informational and truly made this experience special. We went out with Captain Dave & Luke and they were an absolute riot! Very informational & helpful as well. We did a 3/4 day of rod & reel when we were originally supposed to do spearfishing but the weather/water was murky so they put our safety as the number 1 priority. We’re from MI, but we will be recommending these guys to everyone!! Can’t wait to come back!!!
Ivy Baluha

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