Capt. Tony Young | Owner

Tony was born and raised in Minnesota, where he graduated with an undergraduates degree in Environment and Sustainability. His education lead him to work at the Georgia Aquarium, the Coral Restoration Foundation, and dive operations through the United States. Tony has a deep passion for marine conservation and dedicates all entities of his business to share that with others. He is also an avid spear fisherman that promotes sustainable spearfishing practices for others to learn and follow. Tony is licensed as a USCG captain, PADI elite dive instructor, EFR instructor, and holds multiple specialty instructor ratings. You’ll find Captain Tony accompanying guests on every charter, Forever Young Charter Co. is a owner-operated business.

Allysa Lund | Co-Owner

Allysa was born and raised in Minnesota, where she graduated with an undergraduates degree in Elementary and Special Education. After college, she moved with Tony to the Florida Keys to pursue a full-time career in teaching. Allysa now works at the Key Largo school as an elementary/middle school teacher, working with special needs children. She also coaches the schools volleyball team and is an active volunteer within the community. Aside from teaching, Allysa is a passionate diver and advocate for marine conservation. She enjoys the island life and loves working with families on the boat.