As a local business, we understand the importance of promoting the conservation and preservation of the Florida Keys. Forever Young is the only operator to hold both the Blue Star fishing guide and dive center ratings. When booing with Forever Young, your not only choosing an exceptional operator, your also choosing to support conservation efforts in the Florida Keys!

Lionfish Eradication

Lionfish are an invasive species that have found their home in the Florida Keys and greater Caribbean. With no natural predators, Lionfish have had a devistating impact on local fish populations. Forever Young is the leader for Lionfish eradication charters in the Florida Keys, over the years we have removed thousands of Lionfish with divers from all over the world. Along with our eradication efforts, Forever Young has partnered with Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) on numerous research and educational projects.

Coral Restoration Foundation

Coral Restoration Foundation™ “CRF™” has a core mission to restore coral reefs, educate others on the importance of the worlds oceans, and to further coral research and coral reef monitoring techniques though science. Forever Young’s owner, Tony Young, interned for CRF™ in 2014 and since that time has been deeply involved with their restoration efforts. The work CRF™ has done is vital for the survival of our coral reefs here in the Florida Keys, to get more involved with CRF™ you can contact us directly, or visit their website below.

Photo Credit: Zach Ransom/Coral Restoration Foundation ™

Marine Debris Cleanup

Large amounts of marine debris, carried by Hurricane Irma devestaing category 4 winds, ended up in the ocean causing damage to the surround reef and marine life. Forever Young is working closely with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and PADI’s Project Aware Foundation to remove marine debris in the upper Florida Keys. We offer discounted marine debris charters, contact us directly to book. Learn more about marine debris by clicking below.


I.CARE, Islamorada Conservation and Restoration Education, is an locally based non-profit that actively grows and plants native coral species onto reefs throughout the upper Florida Keys. Their goal is to increase coral cover, on select reef sites, from 3% to 10% over the next three years. Forever Young has played an active role in I.CARE’s efforts and would like to get you involved with one of our I.CARE’s restoration trips. To get more involved with I.CARE you can contact us directly, or visit their website below.

Fish Blue Star

Forever Young is the first operator to hold both the Blue Star Dive rating and the Blue Star Fishing Guide rating. Our charters promote responsible and sustainable fishing practices. On every charter, we put conservation first to sustain a healthy fishery for generations to come!

Dive Blue Star

When you dive or snorkel with Forever Young, you are supporting marine education and conservation in the Florida Keys. NOAA has awarded us with the Blue Star Operator rating for promoting responsible and sustainable diving practices on each and every charter!