My Captain, My Guide, My Friend

Thank You Tony Young and Forever Young Charters!
I was an experienced diver when I first met Tony, but I had never been spearfishing. I had a
strong interest in getting some experience, but I was a little anxious about getting started. At the
time, spear fishing was an enigma and I knew I needed help getting started. For months I called
around talking with various charters, Captains, and other divers about the best possible way to
safely start this exciting sport. After my first conversation with Tony, I knew I found my guy.
My first dive with Tony was in 2017. At that time, and to this day, Forever Young Charters is the
very best experience in the water, and I was immediately hooked. Tony took the time to show me
how to work the gun, to include loading, aiming, and shooting. He was very patient with me, and
gave me his undivided attention in the water. Tony is a true professional, an expert diver and
spearfisherman, but more importantly he is HUMBLE. It was this unique combination which
allowed me to develop my hunting skills. I have vastly improved species identification, stalking
techniques, and basic skills like loading the gun are now virtually a reflex.
To date, I have never been spearfishing with another charter or another person other then Tony
Young. I now spend several days with Tony 4 to 5 times a year. Recently, I ventured beyond
Islamorada and spent 4 days diving Marquesas and Tortugas. Simply stated, it was the best week
of my life! I am always looking forward to come down to the Keys and jump on board with Tony
and crew. I have 2 more trips booked this year before winter, and I am looking forward to a
Wahoo trip in March. Marquesas will now be an annual event.
If you love the keys, diving, or want to try something new, book a dive with Forever Young
Charters. It will be the highlight of your trip. For some, it could be something much more.
Thanks again Tony for being a great Captain, guide, and friend! Our time on the water is
priceless. Wishing you and Forever Young Charters all the success in the world…well deserved!
As always, looking forward to our next dive. I am, truly yours.

Your Friend,